Dimou Design is a fast developing company since 1992 and is specialized in the construction of based aluminium furniture facades. Dimou Design company pioneer in designing aluminium based based furniture systems and supports partners in the processing. We are located at a private property of 3000m2 at the industrial park of Oreokastro Thesasloniki.

We always use the finest quality in aluminium profiles for our products with a perfect finish, flawless anodizing, certified by Qualanod, able to be dyied electrostatically in all RAL colours and in all wood hues. Combining aluminium in perfect harmony with other materials like glass, artifial leather, digital printing we come up with pioneering and elegant solutions of a high design, and can adjust in any dimension for all areas.

Our work is orientated to client’s best service and we partner only with the best suppliers. Quality of our products, delivery time and support are assumed to be our advantages, making us your first choice.