Technical details S80 - S80 Plus

  • s80_handle
  • s80_up_double_rail
  • s80_down_double_rail
  • s80_traverse
  • s80_horizontal_profil
  • s80_down_roller
  • s80_upper_roller_brake
  • s80_upper_roller
  • s80_latch
  • s80_plastic_stoper
  • s80_brake

Project details

  • The Kit S80 and S80 Plus systems are available in standard sizes and exclusively in silver colour, with the manufacturers maximum coverage of 285 x 220 cm for the 2-sheet system and 285 x 330 cm for the 3-sheet system. The ceiling and top / bottom horizontal profiles are available in 220cm length. The brakes of the mechanism are optional and sold separately. The S80 package includes all the above accessories except for the traverse and the upper horizontal profile available separately upon request: